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Dry products | calcium formate calcium content and its importance

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Dry products | calcium formate calcium content and its importance

September 20
16:43 2023

Calcium formate is a common calcium supplement that is widely used in food, medicine, and agriculture. In addition to its function as a calcium supplement, calcium formate has many other benefits.

Calcium formate content In general, every 1g of calcium formate contains 400mg of calcium. This means that there are about 40 grams of calcium in every 100 grams of calcium formate. Proper calcium supplementation can well maintain the development of bones and teeth, which affects the growth of nerves and muscles.In addition, compared to other calcium supplements, calcium formate oral absorption rate is higher, can more effectively provide calcium to the body. In addition, calcium formate also has the benefits of enhancing physical fitness, preventing osteoporosis and preventing menopausal osteoporosis in women.


However, it is important to note that excessive calcium intake may lead to calcium deposition in other tissues of the body, such as the kidneys, blood vessel walls, etc., causing adverse reactions. Therefore, when using calcium formate or other calcium supplements, it is recommended to follow the advice of doctors or dietitians, do what people can, and supplement the right amount.

In summary, calcium formate is a calcium supplement with a high calcium content, containing about 400 mg of calcium per gram. Adequate calcium supplementation is essential for maintaining bone health, tooth development, and normal body function. However, excessive intake of calcium can also have adverse effects, so when using calcium formate or other calcium supplements, people should use caution and follow professional advice.

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