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How to use the lubrication system for comprehensive lubrication management and maintenance of equipment

How to use the lubrication system for comprehensive lubrication management and maintenance of equipment

March 27
11:04 2023

2/3 of the equipment failure is related to lubrication. Through comprehensive lubrication management, it helps to reduce equipment failure and lubrication consumption, improve the reliability and availability of equipment, and create direct economic value for enterprises. Comprehensive lubrication management includes:

1. select the appropriate lubricant according to the lubrication requirements of the equipment

2. lubricant procurement, storage and inventory management

3. lubrication procedure

4. lubrication monitoring

5. lubricant treatment

Even the best bearings can give full play to their best performance only when they are lubricated correctly. It is extremely important to select appropriate bearing lubricant and adopt appropriate lubrication cycle and lubrication method. Especially for rolling bearing manufacturers, 80% of bearings use grease due to lubrication cost and convenience. We regard grease as the “basic element” of bearings, As important as bearings, bearing pedestals and seals., Based on our rich experience in rolling bearing R & D, we produce high-quality bearing grease through continuous testing and research to meet the corresponding field applications. The engineering research center has formulated strict standards and test parameters for bearing grease, and has become an internationally recognized benchmark for bearing grease. We can provide customers with comprehensive lubrication management services with bearing lubrication as the core, so as to solve the long-standing lubrication problems of industrial enterprises

For example :

1. Improper lubricant selection

2. Mechanical failure caused by poor lubrication

3. 4. Secondary pollution during lubrication

5. Harm of improper lubrication method to personnel health

6. Determination of lubrication cycle and lubrication quantity

7. Excessive lubricant consumption

8. The pollution of lubrication to the environment to help enterprises improve the quality of lubrication

9. Use quality and efficiency to ensure the startup rate of the equipment and reduce the cost

General grease can not meet the needs of various special bearing applications. Only one or a limited number of greases are used to meet the applications of all bearings, and the problems will far exceed the benefits brought by the unified grease brand. The application conditions of bearings are very diverse. Correct lubrication requires that the grease match the application conditions of bearings. Different from the recommendations of manufacturers that only provide lubricants and supporting manufacturers, the application of bearings and the subdivision standard of bearing application conditions are the primary conditions for selecting appropriate lubricants.

Main centralized lubrication system

It can provide centralized lubrication and micro lubrication system solutions for various industrial industries, include:

1、 Circulating thin oil lubrication system

2、 Consumable oil / grease centralized lubrication system

3、 Micro oil-gas lubrication system

4、 Chain grease lubrication system

5、 Micro dry lubrication system

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