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Gems Online by Star Lanka Bear the Stamp of Quality and Offer a Guarantee for Originality

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Gems Online by Star Lanka Bear the Stamp of Quality and Offer a Guarantee for Originality

April 03
18:06 2020
Gems Online by Star Lanka Bear the Stamp of Quality and Offer a Guarantee for Originality
For 35 years, Star Lanka has sold quality gemstones after correct and honest valuation. The company’s online catalog holds an impressive collection of semi-precious stones. It has gained a reputation for transparent dealings and customer satisfaction.

According to announcements released by Star Lanka, the company holds the world’s most extensive online inventory of semi-precious stones. The images of these valuable stones displayed on the website are not touched up in any way. They are accurate representations of the product in terms of color, brilliance, shape, etc. Honest descriptions alongside authentic images enable viewers to make informed decisions.

To further enhance the authenticity of the images, the company plans to introduce Cloud AI color mapping of the products. It already uses state-of-the-art Mode360 for accurate color representations. The company sells gems online to B2B and B2C customers. It follows a transparent pricing policy that is the hallmark of its dealings with clients across the globe. Buyers in the U.S are assured of fast and insured shipping via DHL. The company settles returns in a stress-free manner for its customers.

According to sources, the extensive online catalog of Star Lanka includes tourmalines, rubies, garnets, cat’s eyes, spinels, peridots, alexandrites, chrysoberyls, zircons, etc. Customers can choose to purchase gems in pairs, according to cuts such as cabochon, calibrated gems, and of course, by the gemstone type. Gemstones sold by Star Lanka make for beautiful collectibles and are also sensible investments. Some of the stones available on the website are quite rare, for example, spessartite and Paraiba tourmaline.

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Star Lanka said, “For the years that we have been in this industry, our experts have gained the experience and expertise to perfect the reshaping, resizing, and polishing of the gemstone to turn a precious stone into an exclusive piece. This passion for customer satisfaction and beauty is visible in the quality of our stock. Our experts maximize the luster and fire within the minerals according to each mineral’s properties. This way, we highlight the splendor of each gem. You can find out more about each stone in our journal.

On why the company is the preferred choice for buyers of precious stones online, Star Lanka said, “Our vast experience in gemstone dealing around the world and realistic valuation competence has elevated us above other dealers in the niche. Our integrity and sincerity in every day dealing stand testimony to our credentials. Our objective is to bring the best that nature has to offer to you in its purest form, in the most transparent way possible. Transparency and passion are key parts in our industry, and as a company, we thrive on sharing those values with you.

“We are well established in Thailand, Hong Kong, and China, with a focus on the wholesale business. Also, we cater to the special needs of our high-end customers who have specific requirements for their products as well. We have discovered that the world has a high demand for top quality goods, and there is an unfulfilled requirement for a brand tailored to natural gemstone jewelry. Our website is proving to be a success with strong demands already coming from major countries.”

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