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The Birth of SHAO That Strives to Achieve Collective Awakening of Humanity

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The Birth of SHAO That Strives to Achieve Collective Awakening of Humanity

January 16
14:09 2020

On November 1, 2019, Save Human Action Organization (SHAO) has been officially established by the famous Chinese anthropologist Mr. Hu Jiaqi.

SHAO is an international non-governmental organization registered in the United States. It has a very solemn and sacred mission. In terms of the name of the organization, people can’t help asking why mankind need be saved? What kind of crisis has mankind encountered? In fact, human beings can’t imagine that the culprit is not natural disaster, man-made disaster, disease or poverty, but the irrational development of science and technology! It’s hard for humans to believe the above view. Why will development of science and technology destroy mankind?

We know that all countries in the world pursue scientific and technological innovation and progress to enhance their national strength, compete with each other. Science and technology continue the process of history and civilization, promote social development, improve the national economy and people’s livelihood, make people live and work in peace, and think more actively, so as to create more advanced science and technology for the benefit of mankind. In such a virtuous circle, science and technology will be the number one contributor to all of the above according to the principle. How could they become the culprits of the extinction of mankind? In fact, science and technology are not absolutely good or bad. The key is to use and develop it rationally. Driven by selfishness and greed of humans, once science and technology develop uncontrollably and crazily, it really has the ability to exterminate human beings. This is not sensational. Let’s take two examples of the most typical technological product — robots.

First of all, in terms of intelligent robots, there is no doubt about their ability to exterminate human beings. Intelligent robot is a kind of machine that can do complex thinking like human beings. When intelligent robot really has self-consciousness and awakens, it will rapidly evolve and its ability of thinking will be thousand, ten thousand or even one hundred million times higher than that of human beings. Hugo de Garis, the Father of the Artificial Brain, vividly compared that in front of intelligent robot, human’s response is not quicker than the weathering of rocks. Compared with the real intelligent robot, human’s IQ is almost zero. The survival rule of nature has always been the law of jungle, survival of the fittest. When the intelligent robot comprehensively surpasses human beings and tries to get rid of humans’ control, human beings will be coming to an end. Can’t help thinking of robot science fiction movie The Terminator with Schwarzenegger starring. How can we, human beings with profound thoughts and super wisdom, watch the highly sought-after artificial intelligence develop and become our terminator with our “help”? Is the great human willing to be helpless and wait for death? If so, wouldn’t it be the biggest joke on earth? Even aliens will laugh at us.

In addition to intelligent robots, some prescient scientists are worried that nanorobots will exterminate humans. Nano robot is a kind of robot with molecular size and has the ability to carry atoms. Human beings make and use these robots to carry atoms to achieve specific goals. For example, nanorobots can be used to enter human blood vessels to remove cholesterol deposited in vein vessels; nanorobots can be used to track cancer cells in the body and kill them when there are only a few cancer cells. In short, the future of nanotechnology is wonderful. Because the nano robot is too small, and its work efficiency is very low, it needs to add instructions to copy itself when programming, so that many nano robots can work together. But what if these little robots keep copying without stopping? For example, nano robots used for medical treatment will soon devour our bodies. If they continue to replicate themselves on the earth, the whole earth will also be devoured in the near future, which will be a terrible scene!

Whether it’s intelligent robots or nano robots, in fact, human beings are not far away from thoroughly mastering such technologies. And we can be sure that there will be something much more powerful than them. If science and technology do not stop the crazy development and human beings are still insatiable, terrible means of extinction will be developed.


So, mankind, it’s time to wake up! The irrational development of science and technology is pushing all human beings to the abyss of extinction. Once the crisis comes, there will be no chance for human beings to start again. At present, there are errors and deviations in the direction and way of development of human society. If we do not correct them in time, let science and technology develop arbitrarily, and the accumulated crisis will break out, it will be too late! If we don’t unite as soon as possible and take concerted action, we will become extinct.

SHAO is committed to promoting a movement of awakening for all mankind in a peaceful way, which makes all mankind realize that the irrational development of science and technology will soon exterminate mankind. Only by realizing the great unity of mankind, adopting the power of the world regime and firmly limiting the development of science and technology, can we save mankind from extinction. Further, let the whole mankind realize that the unified society is one helpful for universal happiness of all mankind.

Will science and technology benefit or destroy human beings? It depends on how we human beings choose. SHAO is taking action and needs your support. Now, it’s not too late!

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