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Get Ready To Discover The Most Acclaimed Dishes from China

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Get Ready To Discover The Most Acclaimed Dishes from China

October 10
22:30 2018

The most massive immigration the planet has known in its history has been Chinese immigration. No wonder, China has the largest demographic dimension of all the countries that exist. That is why, in any corner of the world no matter how small, it is already a tradition to see Chinese food stores of all kinds. Fast food stalls, specialized restaurants, delivery services, food mall stations of shopping mall centers. In Latin America, in Europe, in the USA; everywhere. This meal also has gained an important place in the heart of a huge group of diners, because in addition to the prompt service, the taste is unique. It is even common to see it in tourist areas of all countries, along with souvenir sales. In many metropolises in the West, such as New York, there are even entire Chinese neighborhoods, where Chinese culture abounds and of course tons of their food services.

Many have said that Asian cuisine, and especially Chinese food, are an art for the palate. Today it is recognized as the first reason why foreigners visit China. Among the most acclaimed dishes are:

1: Fried shrimp with cashews. When compared to the strongest flavors of spicy tofu, this dish is one of the softest and lightest. World renowned for being tasty, as well as nutritious, good for protecting the cardiovascular system and preventing brain diseases. In general, cashew nuts make it easy to digest.

2: Peking duck. Already recognized worldwide as one of the national foods of China, the Peking duck. This dish is taken so seriously that many restaurants that serve it among their menu, have their own farms with only one type of duck that they use specifically to prepare this dish. The ingredients used are soy sauce, hoisin sauce, honey, baking powder, rice vinegar and of course; a duck.

3: Spicy tofu (Mapo doufu). This dish is almost legendary in Asian cuisine because spicy tofu can be found in restaurants throughout China, as well as in Korea and Japan, where the flavors always adapt to the tastes of the local palates. The Japanese style still retains the “spicy”, although spicy is not the preferred flavor in Japanese cuisine, as if it is in China. To prepare it, tofu (cheese of soy) and beef are essential.

4: Chow Mein. Extremely popular as China food, all over the world, this plate of fried noodles is excellent for health, especially immunizing against anemia and improving digestion. Despite having many varieties its most famous presentation, in Western countries, is the Cantonese style.

5: Won Ton soup. It is a thousand-year-old Chinese recipe very popular in its country of origin, and being China a nation of many cultures and many ethnicities, the recipe may change a bit according to the region in which the dish is prepared. In madarín, it is known as “Hun Dun”. Pork, shrimp, vegetables and green onions. They are its main ingredients.

The Conclusion:

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