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October 10
19:15 2018 is a website that aims to provide their customers with information on the most optimal stunt kites. Not only do they provide instructions, tips and their own professional recommendation they even test the kites first. is providing information on state of the art stunt kites and steering mats for sports or entertainment purposes. They even provide people with professional advice, tutorials and operating instructions so that even a beginner can use the kites with ease. They even test out the kites and equipment they recommend.

First of all, if a beginner (as in new/inexperienced in the usage of stunt kites) is interested, then they need not to worry as has a whole section and an e-book to tend to your needs with everything stated such as:

  • Buying advice on the best stunt kites and steering mats
  • The kites being sold come in a variety of different sizes to suit the viewer’s weight and they even offer a recommendation for the right size that can accommodate them.
  • The cheapest option with their review on it
  • Extra safety equipment such as paddled handle bars and kite killer.
  • Their personal recommendation on the suitable linen/kite string
  • They even provide instructions and tips on how and where to use it

Their personal recommendation on what equipment to buy is immensely useful and if you don’t know which brand to buy from, you can easily refer to their choice. For example the best 2 line steering mats in their opinion is the HQ SYMPHONY BEACH III 2.2 moreover so they even provide a link to where you can acquire it from.

Alongside the recommendations and instructions, there are YouTube videos that show the instructions on how to use the kites and equipment that was recommended by them, which helps the viewer to understand and apply the advice easily.

There is also an FAQ section which answers a lot of important questions such as how wind strength is an important factor and if you should fly in strong or light winds. In this section there is also a comparison between steering mats and stunt kites, to check which is better. There is a list of advantages over disadvantages between the two. In their opinion a beginner should use steering mats over stunt kites because it has a more robust structure and is easier to learn and construct. provides all the information you need to buy the perfect stunt kite or a steering mat, the website offers enough instruction for a beginner towith time master the art of kite surfing.

About the company: is a website that offers information on stunt kites and steering mats and instructs on their usage as well as provides their personal suggestions on what to buy. It is operated by an online marketing agency known as BEtrackon in Haar near Munich.

For more information visit their website

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